After the RECEPTION at the
Marriage Ceremony
More photos, following the wedding reception.

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Reception Penang
Football Match
Wedding Warmup
Koh Phi Phi
Reception Jamaica
The Maxwells
The best man displays his versatility
A Jamaican, a Malaysian, a German, and an Englishman walk into a bar...
Lana scores, twice.
Flanked by the Swiss Guards
The Parentals show their stamina, staying to the bitter end.

 Liv gets very lucky
Mark carries JiNee back to the bridal suite.
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or go quietly to bed and wake up early to join the honeymoon.

Naturally, not everyone went quietly to bed. After the bride and groom retired to the doctored bridal suite, most guests celebrated long into the night, even venturing into Georgetown to sample Penang's nightlife. Somehow during the evening the corner bar in the hotel reception collected its largest turnover in the hotel's 25 year history (I'm not making this up!).

The weddings finale was marked by a celebratory swim in the hotel pool by several nameless jetlagged guests who by 5 a.m. had still not had enough. 

Post skinny-dip euphoria
It all had to end sometime.