Marriage Ceremony
Some photos from the wedding reception follow... please send me yours to add to this site.

Mark and JiNee make their entrance into the ballroom.

Reception Penang
Football Match
Wedding Warmup
Koh Phi Phi
Reception Jamaica
Mark and JiNee enjoy their starters
Bill and Liv 
The Seows and the Gurneys swap childhood stories.
Mark disguised as Richard E Grant.
Michelle and Toby
John and Petra

Marcus uses guile and cunning to overcome the chopsticks issue.
From left to right: Mr. Seow, Mrs and Mrs Gurney, David, Gavin and the groom.

The Wolfe and Jimmy debating potential targets.
Course Number 8
The Seow Brothers
Mark and JiNee cut the cake...
...and their first dance as Man and Wife.

The new family photo.
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