Marriage Ceremony Mark and JiNee's honeymoon began as 18 of their closest friends loaded into mini-buses at the Shangri-La hotel and set off on a '4 to 5 hour drive' to Krabi, where we would catch a boat to Koh Phi Phi. There had been much debate over whether we should stop in Krabi for a night, as this is another spectacularly beautiful island. The debate proved to be mute: the 4 to 5 hour drive took us only as far as the Thai boarder, so it became obvious early on that we would miss the last boat to Phi Phi. Luckily, the drivers thoughtfully provided entertainment to keep all travellers perky. Their games included;
  • Halitosis (random quote from Andrew after 4 hours: "The driver has such bad breath!"),
  • Slow broiled passengers in bus 1,
  • Deep frozen passengers in bus 2,
  • Paul Dover escapology tricks necessitated by Thai sized seats,
  • Wide screen view of front bus (by driving the two buses 12 inches apart),
  • And of course the crowds favourite, blind overtaking.
Arriving shaken and stirred but safely in Krabi at dusk, we settled down to enjoy the hand fate had thrown, allowing the newlyweds' to share their first meal on the honeymoon in the thirsty and joyous company of 18 guests.
Reception Penang
Football Match
Warm-up Warmup
Koh Phi Phi
Reception Jamaica

Krabi taken, er...,  from the roof of the bus.

The chaperones settle down to a well deserved Carlsberg or mineral water.
The following day, after a short and breezy bus ride, we caught the boat to Phi Phi for a two-hour odyssey. We all enjoyed the fresh sea air, the tropical sunshine and the buzz of expectation for what awaited us. All, that is, except those for whom the introduction to Thai food was not completely without reaction...

Krabi: Another day in paradise...

Right: Mark, Adam, Jimmy and Michael arrive in style.

Yes, Miss Moneypenny, Scaramanga's lair is out there somewhere..
Paul: It was the salmon mousse!

Mark gets lubbed up, whilst the gang sunbathe ->

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