Pre-Wedding Party in Penang
Marriage Ceremony
A collection of photos from the days leading up to the wedding, 

from the Rasa Sayang resort

the Stag Party

and from the Civil wedding.

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Reception Penang
Football Match
Wedding Warm-up
Koh Phi Phi
Reception Jamaica

Rasa Sayang

Paul, Gavin and Petra enjoy the water sports on the beach at the Rasa Sayang, whilst Hennessy takes a well earned break.

Stag Party

Mark takes full advantage of his last night of freedom Toby and Michael, the designer table football kings.

The Civil Marriage

Blasted out of bed by an irate phone call from JiNee the morning of the wedding, it transpired that Gavin had overslept following the late night at the 'stag party' the night before. This was in part due to Mark promising that the civil wedding was at 2 p.m. and not at noon. I should have known better. 

Two minutes later we were in the bridal suite, trying hard not to breath for fear that Woon Hun would smell the alcohol. Feigning early morning chirpiness, Gavin's hangover was alleviated somewhat by the knowledge that Mark was feelling at least as bad and to boot was signing away his bachelorhood.


Gavin gladly signs his portion of Mark's life away. Beng-Choo checks the prenuptial agreement.
JiNee checks the small print... Mark, oddly, is still smiling.

The tension shows in the groom's party... 
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