New Year's Eve in Negril
Marriage Ceremony
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New Year's eve began with a day's scuba diving, after which we had drinks and watched the sunset at Rick's Cafe.

In the evening, the entire honeymoon posse met for cocktails before a five course meal of sumptuous seafood and lobster at 'Le Vendome' to see in the New Year. New Year was also the end of the vacation for many travellers and the end of the long odessey which had been Mark and JiNee's marriage.

Reception Penang
Football Match
Wedding Warmup
Koh Phi Phi
Reception Jamaica
Decorum is still intact at the start of dinner.
Mark makes a close check on JiNee's perfume.
An alarmingly slow pace on the fruit punch...
JiNee drunk?

After diner and seeing in the New Year, those with the greatest stamina moved on to a reggae party on the beach. The early standards of decorum were soon forgotten... 
Reto, Murad, Buster and Michael form tight huddle to debate the relative merits of various world lagers.  Cigars to celebrate the start of 1999.
Jean shows her obvious delight in Michael's new choice of eyewear.
Entertainment by the Village people...
JiNee takes time out from leading the Macarena.
More shameless publicity for Red Stripe. The pace begins to show as Dom demonstrates his new dance moves.