Christmas in Kingston Town
Marriage Ceremony
The invitation from Jean and Michael to the wedding reception in Jamaica included celebrating Christmas lunch at the Dickson's in Jack's Hill Village, as well as brunch at Strawberry Hill for Mark's 30th Birthday.

Christmas in Jack's Hill Village

Christmas lunch doubled as a reunion for long-lost friends, as the travellers to Jamaica met up in earnest for the first time. For many, it was also the first Christmas away from home in a climate where a white Christmas was a pre-ordained non-starter. It was certainly a change to eat turkey with all the trimmings outdoors, on a lawn surrounded by mango groves and coffee plants and scattered with peacocks!

Special thanks to the Dickson's for hosting Christmas lunch for a collection of (largely) strangers!

Reception Penang
Football Match
Wedding Warmup
Koh Phi Phi
Reception Jamaica

Christmas lunch Jamaican Style

Gavin (with silly hat) and Jens catch up on lost time.

Left: Mark and JiNee toast their guests. 

Above: More shameless product placement for Red Stripe by Jerome, Clare, Peter and Reto.


The Swiss Gnomes return home to count their money, whilst left Nick and Chris get into the Christmas spirit.


Not your typical end to Christmas Day...

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