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Strawberry Hill is a luxury  hotel and restaurant tucked into the cool Blue Mountains high above Kingston. Owned by Chris Blackmore of Island Records (famous for 'discovering' Bob Marley), this is a calm refuge where we were lucky enough to share brunch with the Gurneys on Mark's birthday, after a rather short night following the celebrations at the wedding reception.

Despite some colossal hangovers, the spread was just too good to turn down, and the soothing climate (and hair-of-the-dog cocktails) soon dispersed even the Best Man's headache. All Jamaican specialities were on offer: jerk chicken, curried goat, salt fish and ackee to name but a few.

The picturesque setting for Mark's birthday brunch.
Hungry guests queue before the impeccable spread.
Full and contented, Nicolai, Rachel and Barbara enjoy a calming after-dinner drink.
Grandma Amiel in relaxed mood.

Ten years on: La Chataigneraie graduates pose for photos at Strawberry Hill.

The blues brothers Dom and Michael

View from Strawberry Hill over Kingston.

The Gurney / Amiel family, including newest member JiNee.
The brunch marked the end of official celebrations for Mark and JiNee's wedding, 
but if you click here you can join them on their second honeymoon in Negril.

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