Wedding Reception in Jamaica
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The invitation from Jean and Michael to a reception in Jamaica was designed to give Mark's family and friends, who could not make it to the wedding in Penang, an opportunity to celebrate their wedding and to be introduced to Mark's bride JiNee. Although this was doubtlessly the case for many guests, it was used as an excuse for others to combine the reception with a vacation in Jamaica over Christmas and New Year. As such, no account of the reception would be complete without covering the wedding party's three day odessy in Kingston: 

The reception, at the Alhambra restaurant in Kingston, was held on boxing day, sandwiched between celebrating Christmas lunch at the Dickson's and a brunch at Strawberry Hill for Mark's 30th Birthday.

The wedding reception itself was held in the Alhambra Restaurant in Kingston.

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Reception Jamaica

Mark and JiNee receive their guests at the Alhambra restaurant in Kingston.
Dom sets a blistering early pace with the cocktails. Reto enjoys a glass of wine whilst Rachel sips her mineral water. Unbeknown to the rest of the group, she was pregnant!

The ritual cutting of the cake, overlooked by Michael, Jean and Mark's aunt 
From left to right: MC Pascal, Best Man Gavin, Mark, and Jens, toasting on behalf of the guests.

Although the wedding formalitites ended after the meal, the night was just beginning for the younger guests. Michael's flawless organisation and liason work with the Jamaican youth meant that travelling guests and local revellers were treated to a night at 'utopia', an all-night, all-inclusive party at the Blue Mountain Inn following the reception. For the travellers in particular, this was an unmissable opportunity to experience Jamaica's celebrated culture at first hand in an unforgetable venue.

The gang at Utopia celebrate the signing of the endorsement contract for Red Stripe.

Click here to wake with a blinding hangover the next day,
and join the mark on his birthday at Strawberry Hill.